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Alloy 660 Gr A Round Bars. The production of round bars for use in architecture is fairly common with this grade. The numerous varieties for various uses come from austenitic precipitation-hardened steel bars made for essential applications. It has a greater creep-resistant, provides excellent airborne corrosion resistance, and is resistant to scaling up to 800 degrees Celsius. The chemical processing industries utilize these bars widely in the majority of high-stress component scenarios. These bars have indicated how much corrosion resistance is generally present.

Alloy 660 types are recognized as precipitation-hardening austenitic stainless steel. These are known for their impressive strength at high temperatures up to 700°C. This alloy gets its strength from a high degree of uniformity. This alloy 660 contains Iron, Nickel, Chromium, Titanium, molybdenum, manganese, etc. This chromium content is added to the steel to increase oxidation resistance.

These Alloy 660 round bar shows mechanical properties like tensile strength, yield strength, and reduction area. These Round bars are ready to machine than nickel-based precipitation hardening grades or other grades. These Alloy 660 Gr A Round bars have higher creep and excellent corrosion resistance, and scaling resistance at high temperatures. These Alloy 660 Gr B Round Bars are primarily used in high-stress component situations in the chemical processing industries.

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These Round Bars have marked the degree of general corrosion resistance. The nickel is added in a higher amount to form the most important class of corrosion and heat resistance. The effect of nickel to form austenite that leads to increased strength and greater toughness. The alloy also has an important element titanium. The main purpose of alloying elements in steel is for carbide stabilization. These round bars are used in the agriculture and Irrigation industry, Oil & Gas industry, defense industry, and transportation Industry. These bars are used where high strength is required, such as in aircraft. Navgraha Steel & Engg Company aims to serve industries with a wide range of Alloy 660 Gr B Round Bars. We offer these products at a reasonable price. We provide Alloy 660 Gr D Round Bars with proper packing and shipping to provide damage-free and on-time delivery. Our convenient doorstep service is getting the best reviews from clients and fulfilling their needs quickly.

Round Bars

Standard Specification For Alloy 660 Round Bars

Round Bars Outside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 500mm
Bright BarsOutside Diameter in the range of 4mm to 100mm
Hex Bars18mm – 57mm (11/16″ to 2-3/4″)
Square Bars 18mm – 47mm (11/16″ to 1-3/4″)
FinishBlack, Bright Polished, Rough Turned, NO.4 Finish, Matt Finish, BA Finish
Length1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
Form Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle Etc.

660 Alloy Round Bars Equivalent Grades

Alloy 660 1.4980 S66286 660 X6NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2

Alloy 660 Round Bars Types

Round Bars Supplier

Round Bars

  • Alloy A286 Gr B Alloy Round Bars
  • Alloy Grade D Rods
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Hex Bars Supplier

Hex Bars

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  • Alloy Grade D Hex Bar
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Square Bars

Square Bars

  • Alloy 1.4980 Square Bar
  • Alloy 660 Square Bars
  • Alloy Gr B Square Bars
  • ASTM A286 Alloy 660 Square Bar
  • Alloy Gr D Square Rods
  • 660 Alloy Square Bars
  • UNS S66286 Square Bars
  • A286 Alloy 660 Square Bars Supplier
  • A286 660 Alloy Square Bars
Square Bars

Rectangle Bars

  • ASTM A286 Alloy Gr B Rectangle Bar
  • Alloy 1.4980 Rectangle Bar
  • Alloy A286 Rectangle Bars
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  • Alloy Grade D Rectangle Bars
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  • Alloy Grade A Rectangle Rods
  • Alloy Gr B Rectangle Bars
Flat Bars

Flat Bars

  • Alloy A Flat Bars
  • Gr B Alloy Flat Bars
  • Alloy 660 Gr D Rectangular Bars Supplier
  • Alloy 660 Flat Bars Stockist
  • A286 Alloy Flat Bars
  • ASTM A286 Alloy 660 Flat Bar
  • Alloy A286 Flat Bars
  • Alloy 1.4980 Flat Bar
  • UNS S66286 Rectangular Bars
Bright Bars

Bright Bars

  • Alloy 660 Bright Bars
  • 660 Alloy Bright Bars
  • Alloy 660 Bright Rods
  • ASTM A286 Alloy 660 Bright Bar
  • Alloy Gr B Bright Bars
  • A286 660 Alloy Bright Bars
  • Alloy Gr A Bright Bars Supplier
  • Alloy 1.4980 Bright Bar
  • UNS S66286 Bright Bars

Chemical Composition of Alloy 660 Round Bars

Grade C Mn Si S P Cu Fe Ni
Alloy 660 0.08 max 2 max 1 max 0.025 max 0.025 max 0.30 max Bal 24-27

Mechanical Properties of Alloy 660 Round Bars

Element Density Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Alloy 660 7.95 g/cm3 Psi – 90000 , MPa – 620 Psi – 40000 , MPa – 275 40 %

Other Types of 660 Alloy Round Bars Ready Stock

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660 Alloy Round Bars Applications


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