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These S275JR Plates are praised on a global scale for their numerous positive qualities, which have substantially increased their demand and usefulness. These plates’ characteristics include high tensile strength, high yield strength, good dimensional correctness, resistance to pitting, general corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and crevice corrosion Other qualities of these plates include lifespan, hardness, heat resistance, ability to withstand high temperatures, use in environments with very high temperatures, anti-corrosiveness, strong construction, etc. S335JR is a useful structural grade steel with a minimum strength, which is broadly utilized in the structural engineering and construction industries. S275JR Sheets structural grade carries the minimum yield strength of the J0 designation confirming that the steel has undergone impact testing at room temperature. These grades of the sheet, plates, and coils are intended for structural work where no significant forming or bending must be done.

S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Coils related series are very versatile common mild steel/carbon steel plates, sheets, and coils for multiple structural applications, e.g., manufacturing plants, machinery, palm oil mill, oil and gas, power shovel, and other structural parts.

Heat analysis shall be used to determine the required chemical composition for carbon, manganese, phosphorus, etc. Tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation shall be evaluated using a tension test. The grade designations refer to the minimum yield strength of each grade for thicknesses less than or equal to 16mm. The steel should be selected following the strength requirements. S355JR Sheets offer yield and tensile strength, a level of malleability, allowing them to be cut and folded without losing their structural properties.

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S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Plates  They are procuring raw materials by using innovative tools and techniques for creating the best product to fulfill the need and demands of valuable clients. The most popular steel sheet plates are carbon steel S275JR sheet plates because of their erratic uses and characteristics in the industrial sector.

S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Normalized Steel Sheets / Plates / Coils

Standard Specification For S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Plates

Thickness 5mm-200mm
Width 900-2500mm or 1000,1050,1250,1500,1800,2000mm
Size 0.5 – 200 MM THICK IN 1000 – 2500 MM WIDTH & 2500 – 12500 MM LENGTH
Length 2-12m or as customers’ special requirements;
Standard EN 10025-2:2004
Grade S275J0 / S275JR / S355JR plates/sheets/coils
Materials High Strength Mild Steel/ Carbon Steel / Galvanised

S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Coils Equivalent Grades

Steel Standard S235JR S235J0 S235J2 S275JR S275J0 S275J2 S355JR S355J0 S355J2 S355K2
Germany RSt37-2 St37-3U St 44-2 St44-3/3U St52-3U St52-3N St52-3N
Japan SM400A 
SM400B SS400 SM490A 
SS490B SS490YA SS490YA
China Q235A 
Q235C Q235D Q275Z Q275 Q275 Q345C 16Mn Q345D Q345D
USA A36 A529 A572 A656 A656

S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Sheets Types

Alloy Steel Sheets


  • S275JO Steel Sheet
  • S275 JR CR Sheet
  • S355JR Normalized Steel Plates
  • S275 JO High Tensile Strength Steel Sheets
  • S275 JR Galvanised Steel Sheets
  • EN 10025 S275 JR Hot Rolled Steel Sheets
  • EN 10025 S355 JR Sheets Supplier
  • S275JR Sheets Manufacturer
  • EN 10025 S355JR Sheets Stockist
  • Mild Steel S355 JR Sheets
  • High Strength Mild Steel EN 10025 Gr S275 Sheets
  • High Strength Carbon Steel Gr S355 Sheets
  • EN 10025 Grade S275 Sheets in India
Alloy Steel Plates


  • S275JO Steel Plate
  • S275 JR CR Plate
  • S355JR Normalized Steel Plates
  • S275 JO High Tensile Strength Steel Plates
  • S275 JR Galvanised Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 S275 JR Hot Rolled Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 S355 JR Plates Supplier
  • S275JR Plates Manufacturer
  • EN 10025 S355JR Plates Stockist
  • Mild Steel S355 JR Plates
  • High Strength Mild Steel EN 10025 Gr S275 Plates
  • High Strength Carbon Steel Gr S355 Plates
  • EN 10025 Grade S275 Plates in India
Alloy Steel Coils


  • S275JO Steel Coil
  • S275 JR CR Coil
  • S355JR Normalized Steel Coils
  • S275 JO High Tensile Strength Steel Coils
  • S275 JR Galvanised Steel Coils
  • EN 10025 S275 JR Hot Rolled Steel Coils
  • EN 10025 S355 JR Coils Supplier
  • S275JR Coils Manufacturer
  • EN 10025 S355JR Coils Stockist
  • Mild Steel S355 JR Coils
  • High Strength Mild Steel EN 10025 Gr S275 Coils
  • High Strength Carbon Steel Gr S355 Coils
  • EN 10025 Grade S275 Coils in India

Chemical Composition of S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Plates

EN 10025 C(max) Si max Mn% max P max S% max Cu% max N% max
t≤16 16<t≤40 t>40
S235JR 0.17 0.17 0.20 1.40 0.035 0.035 0.55 0.012
S235J0 0.17 0.17 0.17 1.40 0.030 0.030 0.55 0.012
S235J2 0.17 0.17 0.17 1.40 0.025 0.025 0.55
S275JR 0.21 0.21 0.22 1.50 0.035 0.035 0.55 0.012
S275J0 0.18 0.18 0.18 1.50 0.030 0.030 0.55 0.012
S275J2 0.18 0.18 0.18 1.50 0.025 0.025 0.55
S355JR 0.24 0.24 0.24 0.55 1.60 0.035 0.035 0.55 0.012
S355J0 0.20 0.20 0.22 0.55 1.60 0.030 0.030 0.55 0.012
S355J2 0.20 0.20 0.22 0.55 1.60 0.025 0.025 0.55
S355K2 0.20 0.20 0.22 0.55 1.60 0.025 0.025 0.55
S450J0l 0.20 0.20 0.22 0.55 1.70 0.030 0.030 0.55 0.025

Other Types of S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Coils Ready Stock

  • S275JO Plates / Sheets / Coils
  • S275 JR Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 S355JR Sheets Exporter
  • EN 10025 S275 JO Normalized Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 Gr S275 Coils at Best Price in India
  • S275JR High Strength Structural Steel Plate Manufacturer
  • S355 JR Steel Coils Stockists
  • EN 10025 S275JO Sheets Cut to Size
  • EN 10025 S275 JR High Yield Steel Plate & Sheets
  • EN 10025 Gr.S355 Galvanised Steel Sheets
  • S355JR Galvanised Steel Coils
  • S275 JO Structural Steel CR Sheets
  • EN 10025 S275JR Sheets Dealer
  • EN 10025 S355 JR Normalized Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 Grade S275 Carbon Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 Gr S275 CR Coils Supplier in India
  • Mild Steel S275JO Sheet Supplier
  • S275 JR Plates Supplier in Mumbai
  • EN 10025 S355JR Structural Steel Sheet Stockist
  • EN 10025 Grade S275 Carbon Steel HR Sheets Supplier
  • EN 10025 Gr S275 Mild Steel Plates Manufacturer
  • S355 JR Plate Dealer in India
  • S275JR Structural Steel Plates Supplier
  • EN 10025 S275JO High Strength Structural Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 S355 JR Steel Sheet, Plate, Coils Supplier
  • EN 10025 S275JO MS Plates
  • EN 10025 Gr.S355 CS Plates
  • Carbon Steel S275 JO Coils Wholesaler
  • S275 JR High Strength Structural Sheets
  • S355 JR Steel Plate Supplier in India
  • EN 10025 S275 JO Normalized Steel Plates
  • EN 10025 Gr S275 Steel Coils Supplier

S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Sheets Applications


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Export Destinations for S275JO / S275JR / S355JR Coils

Countries where we export S275J0 / S275JR / S355JR Sheets

Belgium, Romania, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Angola, Spain, Poland, Australia, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Peru, Yemen, Bangladesh, Portugal, Argentina, Hong Kong, Japan, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Philippines, Greece, United States, Kuwait, Lithuania, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Austria, Chile, Iraq, Lebanon, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, New Zealand, Israel, Mexico, Egypt, Bhutan, Croatia, Norway, Thailand, Russia, Poland, Gabon, United Kingdom, Libya, Ghana, Hungary, Venezuela, South Korea, Iran, Canada, Mexico, Belarus, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Brazil, France, Jordan, Nigeria, Colombia, Tunisia, Bahrain, Pakistan, Finland, Morocco, Slovakia, Oman, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Indonesia, Estonia, Denmark, Singapore, Mongolia, Ecuador, Algeria.

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